Blunt Expression

In Allen Wood’s 1990 text Hegel’s Ethical Thought he has the following to say about Hegel’s Speculative logic:
“Viewed from the late twentieth-century perspective, it is evident that Hegel totally failed in his attempt to canonize speculative logic as the only proper form of philosophical thinking…Because Hegel regards speculative logic as the foundation of his system we might conclude from its failure that nothing in his philosophy could be any longer deserving of our interest. But that would be quite wrong. The fact is that Hegel’s great positive achievements as a philosopher do not lie where he thought they did, in his system of speculative logic, but in a quite different realm, in his reflections on the social and spiritual predicament of Modern Western European culture”.
I want to respond with a refutation but don’t feel requisitely prepared to tackle Wood. More to come…


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