I’ve received a few emails recently, mostly from my close friends who follow these short posts, inquiring into the recent silence. Let me quickly write that I’ve had vacation for what in sum amounts to three weeks, Bonn and Munich, and have intentionally avoided the Internet. I’ve taken solace recently in Newspapers and hand-written letters to friends, a long lost art. However, once I return to Gö I have a number of threads I’d like to post regarding the following topics: Hegel’s Objectivity and Speculative Realism; Objectivity, Hegel, and Luhman; Socialism and American Democracy; Jazz and Hegel’s Method.


One response to “Urlaub

  1. I’ve been posting a few on hegel recently at networkologies, curious if you have any thoughts on these, or on recent hegel texts, like jameson’s or nancy’s books. anyway, hope you had a good vacation!

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